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For over 20 years, the founder of Southside Matt has been following American politics and news, often posting his thoughts to now-inactive blog pages hoping to have his works recognized and to make a difference. Without the proper funding and contacts, though, his efforts were fruitless and often led to dismay that took him “out of the game” for a while.

As time and some two-plus decades passed, though, he found an outlet that would help in his endeavor to have his message of facts and fact-based opinions spread. Partially forced into finding an additional income for his family, Southside Matt began authoring news articles and submitting them to NewsBreak. Finding some success there, he began to expand and created this website to link to his articles and to provide an outlet for his opinion pieces that would not be considered “news” but instead would be considered punditry.

Although having planned to do so previously but not having quite made it to that point, Southside Matt eventually took the plunge into video creation in anticipation of President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union Address. Not heavily viewed, this was Southside Matt’s first foray into the video format and continued to spur the desire to create video content along with the writings.

Time through 2022, though, was an obstacle for Southside Matt as it, for various reasons, it did not allow for much in the way of article or blog writing, or of video creation. It did, though, allow for a review and revamp of how Southside Matt would approach his desires and efforts, and led to this new website. It also allowed for a reflection of how efforts should be put forth into making sure that you, the audience, get what you need and want.

Over that time, Southside Matt also viewed numerous First Amendment Audit videos and developed an appreciation for the purpose behind these, as well as a philosophy of how they, in his opinion, should be performed for maximum benefit. This has led to the development of several materials that will appear on in the future – a whole new section of the website will be dedicated to this.

Even beyond this coming section of the website, we look forward to 2023 bringing good things and invite you to join us for that. We have plans to not just provide content to you but also to reward your loyalty through contests and other giveaways to those who help us the most.

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy and appreciate the new website. We always welcome feedback as well as submissions at 

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